Genuine Marine Service specializes in all your boating needs. We are fully insured and have been providing complete on-site service since 1992. Genuine Marine provides marine services covering the Ottawa, Rideau and St-Lawrence Rivers.

     Genuine Marine Service is your BMW Marine parts and service provider, Certified Mercruiser Master Technician, OMC Master Technician, Volvo and Yamaha.

     Genuine Marine Service can look after all your Electrical needs AC & DC, Electronic Installs and all your Plumbing needs. We provide complete powertrain rebuilds in addition to sales, service and installs of all makes and models, gas and diesel. We also provide Stainless Steel and Aluminum welding services. 


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  • Inspect hoses, connections and tank surfaces for leaks or damage
  • Replace components as needed
  • Verify all fittings and clamps are properly secured
  • Ensure the engine, exhaust, and ventilation systems are functioning properly


  • Check for cracks and brittle areas
  • Ensure belts fit tightly and are not worn
  • Inspect the outer jacket of control cables for cracks or swells, which may indicate a problem


  • Inspect all electrical connections for cleanliness and tightness - corrosion may indicate an unsafe condition
  • Remove terminals and clean with a wire bush, clean cable ends
  • Charge battery and ensure it can hold a charge
  • Electrical systems should be inspected by a qualified technician such as Genuine Marine regularly


  • Check engine oil, power steering, power trim reservoirs and coolant levels
  • Change engine oil, oil filter and drive lubricants if these tasks were not done prior to winterizing


  • Inspect propellers for dings, pitting, cracks and distortion
  • Make sure propeller is secured properly - replace bearings if needed
  • Check hull for blisters, distortions and cracks
  • Clean the hull, deck and topsides
  • Ensure the drain plug is securely in place prior to every launch


  • Inspect life jackets to ensure they are in good condition; make sure there is one for each potential passenger
  • Check that fire extinguishers are fully charged, properly stowed and are the correct class for your vessel

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